Fencing Timber Christchurch

Timber Fencing Christchurch

Christchurch timber fencing have been a timeless choice for property owners. This type of fence offers a natural, rustic charm that adds character to your premises. Our expert team meticulously selects and treats the finest timber, ensuring longevity and resistance to the local climate. Whether you seek privacy, property demarcation, or an elegant backdrop for your gate, our timber options in Christchurch serves as the perfect partner.

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Why Choose Timber Fencing For Your Home?

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Residential Privacy: Timber fencing provides a private outdoor space, shielding your home and yard from the view of neighbors and passersby.

Property Boundaries: Use timber fencing to clearly define property lines, reducing the risk of property disputes with neighbors.

Security: Timber fences enhance security by acting as a physical barrier, discouraging trespassers and unwanted visitors.

Garden and Landscape Enhancement: Timber fencing serves as a beautiful backdrop for gardens and landscaping, adding structure and framing to outdoor spaces. Call us now.


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Pet Enclosures: Create secure areas for pets to roam freely without the risk of wandering away by using timber fencing to construct enclosures.

Noise Reduction: Timber fences can help dampen noise from nearby streets, offering a quieter outdoor environment.

Aesthetic Appeal: Timber fencing complements various architectural styles and landscaping designs, adding curb appeal and value to homes and businesses.

Pool Safety: Many regions require fencing around swimming pools for safety compliance. Timber fencing offers an attractive solution that also meets safety standards.